Italian Spinone

The Spinone Italiano originated in Italy and was bred to be a hunters right hand man and either retrieve, point out, or hunt down game. It is thought that this breed is a mixture of the German Wirehaired Pointer, Russian Setter or Spanish Pointer (two of which are now extinct) but this is uncertain. These dogs were given their name from the shrub they would find their prey in which was called the 'pino'.

This breed has a large resemblance to the German Wirehaired Pointer in the way that both their bodies are lean and muscular and both have long, powerful muzzles. The Spinone Italiano has large floppy ears, and big circular eyes which gives them their sweet expression. They have strong, straight legs giving them their lengthy stride when on the hunt and a thick wiry coat that will protect them from rough terrain and cold weather. Naturally the Spinone's tail would be long but for show purposes will be docked.

The Spinone Italiano is a sweet, caring breed that is laid back and well-behaved. They are extremely affectionate and adore children, making them great for family pets as well as excellent working companions. This breed has a very high motivation to please their owners and will go the extra mile to do so. Hunting and retrieving are their specialty but if trained correctly in a gentle manner, can be taught many other different ways to help out their master on a hunt!

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