Japanese Spitz

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Breed Attributes


Breed group: Non-Sporting    Type: Pure Breed    Talent:


Size: Small     Weight: 13-15 lbs     Fur length: Long    Ears: Pointy    Fur type: Straight    Fur Color: White / Cream


Life Expectancy: 12-16 years    Rarity: Common    Availability: Easily available    Climate: Good for every climate.

Breed Details


The Japanese Spitz is a small to medium size companion and family dog that originated in Japan in 1920s and 1930s. The breed was developed using different Spitz type dogs to develop and family companion of even temperament. This breed descended from larger German Spitz which were brought to Japan and their off springs were cross bred with other Spitz type dogs to develop this final version of Japanese Spitz.

The dog is intelligent, cheerful and keen with elegant, spirited and dignified behavior. This small to medium size dog stands between 12-15 inches and weighs around 13-15 lbs. It has well rounded and somewhat broad skull with moderately developed forehead and pointed muzzle. The black nose is small and round. Dark coloured moderately large eyes are almond to oval shape, and set obliquely. Triangular shaped, small and pricked ears are set on high but not too far apart. Moderately long neck is well muscled. The slightly longer than tall body comes with a wide and deep chest and well sprung ribs. Back is short and straight with broad loin and well tucked up belly. Moderately long tail is set on high and curls over the middle of the back. This breed has a double coat with outer coat being straight while undercoat is soft and dense. Any colour other than pure white is a disqualification.

This breed is NOT recognized by AKC however it is recognized by almost all other major kennel clubs like FCI, ANKC, CKC, KC(UK), NZKC and UKC.


The Japanese Spitz comes in one colour. Pure White.


This breed sports a double coat. The top coat is long, straight and stand off from soft, short and very dense undercoat. The abundant coat all over the body is shorter on face, ears, front of legs and rear legs while longer on neck, shoulders, fore-chest and tail.


Bred to be a companion dog, the Japanese Spitz thrives on human contact and attention. It is a loyal, devoted, playful, courageous, active and bright breed that makes ideal companions for all family members, specially older people and children. This very energetic and active dog loves to play with children, making a great playmate of them. It is very kind and loving to them. This very jocose breed can play all day long and specially love to play interactive games that will test its skills like Frisbee, fly-ball etc. As a loyal and alert dog, the Japanese Spitz can signal arrival of a stranger with its incessant barking. Despite its small size, the dog is always ready to protect its family. It gets along well with other dogs and pets without much problem but as with any dog, early socialization and training is important from puppyhood. This very human oriented dog loves to please its owners and makes a great family pet.


Despite its long coat, the dog is low maintenance with brushing 2-3 times needed to brush-out the dirt from the coat. Bathe this dog once in two months to keep the natural moisture and skin oils intact.


The Japanese Spitz is a very trainable dog that will learn quickly with its intelligence. The dog loves to please its owner and does not pose much problems when it comes to training. As with any dog, training should start from early age for this dog.


Regular walking is needed to keep this dog happy. Although all day play will provide enough exercise, this breed will still need to be taken for walk. It can also be a good jogging partner and would not mind opportunity to play in a large open area.

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