Kai Dog

The Kai Dog is also known as Tora Inu, Tiger Dog, Kai Ken and Kai Inu. It is a Spitz type dog native to Japan. This breed is very rare even in its country of origin, Japan!. It is the purest of all the six Japanese Spitz type breed and has never been cross bred with other breeds.

This medium size breed is an outstanding hunting dog with its legendary toughness, energy and ferociousness. This dog stands between 18-22 inches and weighs between 25-40 lbs. It comes with a medium size head and broad forehead. Muzzle is medium length and slightly thick and pointed. Small dark brown eyes are triangular in shape with pricked, triangular and drawn forward ears. This sturdy dog has short back with broad loin and tucked up belly. Chest is deep with well sprung ribs. Thick long tail reaches to the hock. It is carried as curled over the back or in sickle position. This breed comes with a straight and harsh outer coat and soft, dense undercoat. Coat colours range from red brindle to black brindle.

This is an ancient dog breed and it is believed that its ancestors, the Tora Inu, were present some 4000 years ago. This dog is NOT recognized by AKC.

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