The Karabash is a flock guardian dog originating in Turkey. It is a large mastiff type dog that has been used primarily to guard the flocks of sheep and goats from predators. It is an alert, active and brave dog that is regarded highly for its outstanding guarding abilities. Its job is to protect the flock, its master and his property from wolves and other predators. Working with little human intervention, sometimes with two or three other dogs the Karabash will patrol the hillsides around its sheep or its village, settling now and then, unseen, in some high vantage-point to watch and listen for any unwelcome sight or sound. With its sand-coloured coat as camouflage the Karabash is almost invisible in the arid terrain, until danger threatens. The dog will then show itself, standing tall and alert with its tail curled over its back. Any intruder who still approaches will be first warned off with a formidable bark and then chased away or confronted.

This large dog stands between 28-30 inches and weighs between 100-150 lbs. The name Karabash means black head and refers to its characteristic black mask. The dog has a muscular built with wide head, thick neck and sturdy body. The muzzle is black and blunt with a black nose. Small ears are usually black and rounded at the tips. Small eyes come in gold to brown colour range. The short and close fitting coat may be of any colour although white is most common.

This dog is recognized by AKC as Anatolian Shepherd dog.

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