Karelo-Finnish Laika

The Karelo-Finnish Laika is the smallest of four Russian Laika breeds. It is an ancient breed that originated in Keralia are which is now partly in Finland and partly in Russia. The dog is used as a hunter. It closely resembles the Finnish Spitz as both these breeds were developed from similar native dog population. It is believed that the Karelo-Finnish Laika and the Finnish Spitz once were probably the same breed. Later, however, with the drawing of hard-line national parameters between Scandinavian countries and the then Soviet Union, the two became different breeds.

First standard for this breed was written in 1936 in Leningrade and is almost unchanged till now. It is a medium size dog with a height between 15-19 inches and weighs 26-35 lbs. The square body comes with a clean-cut, V-shaped and not too wide head with short and pointed muzzle. Small ears are pricked and have sharp edges. Round and slanting eyes are dark in colour and hold lively expression. Nose is seen black except for brown coloured dogs where nose is brown. Square body has deep chest, strong withers, straight and muscular back and slightly tucked-up belly. Limbs are straight and parallel. Hind legs are set a bit wider, than forelegs. The paws are round, the fingers are tightly pressed. Tail is ring or pressed to the hip, sometime circle. It is set on high and evenly coated. Coat of the Karelo-Finnish Laika is a double coat of straight harsh guard hairs and soft thick undercoat. Various shades of red are allowed as coat colour. White markings on chest and tip of the tail is accepted.

This breed is NOT recognized by AKC or any other major kennel club.

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