The Keeshond originated in the Netherlands and was used as an alarm for danger as well as a companion to people when they took trips over seas. They are a mixture of the Pomeranian, Samoyed and Chow Chow. The Dutch barge dog, the German Spitz, or Wolfsspitz are other names for this breed.

The Keeshond is a fluffy, medium sized dog that has a pointed muzzle like that of a fox. Their ears are triangular and pointed upward giving them a constant alert expression. This breed has an athletic body and straight toned legs. These dogs have a tail that is coiled over and touches their lower back with their paws being rounded like a cat.

The Keeshond is a lively, curious dog that has a playful and animated character. They will make great family pets because they are devoted to their masters, great with children and interact well with other pets. These dogs are not a breed that enjoys being left alone often as they can become quite depressed. Although bred to warn their owners of strangers, the Keeshond will generally be quite friendly towards people they've never met giving up the 'watch-dog' trait they have mastered.

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