Kemmer Feist

The Kemmer Feist is a small size hunting dog originating in America. It was developed by an American breeder, Robert Kemmer, using Fox Terriers, Mountain Curs and Old Timely Mountain Feists. This is a type of dog that will chase small game, specially squirrels, up the tree and keep it cornered there until the hunter comes to finish the job. This breed hunts above the ground and is an excellent hunter of small game.

This small and perky dog is often compared to Rat Terriers although it has no Rat Terrier bloodlines. The dog stands between 12-18 inches and weighs about 15-30 lbs. A small round head starts off this breed and leads to the narrow muzzle which has a pointed nose. The high set ears naturally hang down in V shape. The dog has small round eyes. Short and skinny neck leads to the small body. Short legs have tiny rabbit like paws. The dog sports short and soft coat that can comes in tricolour(black, white and tan), bi colour (brown and white) and brown colouring.

This breed is NOT recognized by AKC.

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