Kerry Beagle

The Kerry Beagle is a medium size Scenthound that originated in Ireland. Considered to be one of the oldest Irish Hounds, the dog descended from old Celtic and Southern hounds. The breed almost decimated during great hunger in 1847 but was revived probably through addition of braque de l'Ari�ge, a French hound.

The name Beagle interestingly is taken from the Irish word which means small although the Kerry Beagle is not a small dog. It is a medium size dog with height between 22-24 inches and weighs up to 60 lbs. This dashing and well balanced dog has excellent scenting abilities. It was used to hunt stag and other large game in early days of its existence. Back then the dog would hunt with other hunting dogs, trailed the game with its keen sense of smell and let other dogs do the hunting. Now, the dog is used to hunt small game, like hare and raccoon, on foot. Its exceptional scenting, tracking and hunting skills make this dog a great companion for small game hunters.

This very speedy and independent dog comes with moderate head, broad skull and long, slightly arched muzzle which leads to fine nose. The eyes are large, bright and intelligent with different colours. Large pendulous ears are set low on the head, falling below the neck. The thickset and muscular body is moderate in length and strong. It comes with slightly arched, broad and muscular loin and deep chest. Long tail that is evenly covered with hair is thick at the root and carried curved upwards. This breed has close-fitting, smooth and hard to touch coat that comes mostly in black and tan colouring although tan and white, tri-coloured and blue mottled coats are also seen.

Though this breed has been revived and is recognized in its country of origin as a hunting dog, the Kerry Beagle is still rare outside its country of origin.

This breed is NOT recognized by AKC or any other major kennel club.

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