Kerry Blue Terrier

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Breed group: Terrier    Type: Pure Breed    Talent: , , , , , ,


Size: Medium     Weight: 33-40 lbs     Fur length: Short    Ears: Flappy    Fur type: Curly    Fur Color: Black, Brown & White, Gray / Salt & Pepper


Life Expectancy: About 12-15 years    Rarity: Common    Availability: Easily available    Climate: Good for every climate.

Breed Details


The Kerry Blue Terrier originated in Ireland and was bred to hunt and retrieve small game for farmers and hunters alike. It is thought that the Wheaten, Irish Wolfhound and Portuguese Water Dog are in the bloodline of the Kerry Blue. This breed also called the Irish Blue Terrier and is famously known as the dog of Ireland.

This breed is known for its unique coat colour and texture. They have very tight curls all over their body and their fur and skin are a slate blue colouring. The Kerry Blue's muzzle is rectangular and will have long tufts of fur resembling a beard and mustache! Their ears are small and slightly pricked upward and they have round deep set eyes. This dog has a muscular body that allows them to be quick and agile when hunting and their tail is naturally long but will be docked for show purposes.

The Kerry Blue is an energetic, animated character that entertains their family on a regular basis. They have a loving, protective personality that gives them the trademark attitude they are well known for. Great for families, this breed loves people and will get along okay with other family dogs but when encountering strange dogs might be a bit aggressive. Smaller pets will need to be monitored around this dog as they have a high prey drive for rodents and game.


The Kerry Blue Terriers coat has many varieties of one colour, that being a dark blue. These can darken and lighten depending on age but most common is a slate or medium grey colouring. Puppies are born completely black but will lighten as they grow up!


This breed is notorious for their coat texture which is unique only to them. It is a tightly curled, soft to touch coat that is unlike any other breed. Their coat is very clean so it will not give off the 'dog smell' and will shed only a small amount of fur.


The Kerry Blue is a free-spirited dog that is independent and enjoys finding different jobs to entertain themselves. They are a stubborn breed making them a bit more difficult to train and raise so for first time owners, this dog is not recommended. They are devoted to their master and are extremely loyal dogs making them a perfect breed for hunters or farmers. The Kerry Blue will make a great watchdog because they're responsive but are not barky dogs that alert the household for false reasons. This breed will excel greatly in tracking and agility trials because they are energetic, exuberant dogs that will work hard for their masters. Socialization as puppies will be greatly needed especially around dogs and small animals to ensure that upon meeting, the Kerry Blue does not become aggressive or timid.


This breed will need a fair amount of grooming to keep them looking great. Brushing should be done 2-3 times per week and bathing about once every month. Their ears will need to be plucked every month or 2 just to remove the excess fur that will collect debris. The Kerry Blue is prone to a few eye ailments such as Progressive Retinal Atrophy and cataracts, as well as hip dysplasia and entropian. Hair follicle tumors, hypothyroidism, cysts, and Keratoconjuctivitis sicca are other diseases they might genetically inherit.


This breed will need an owner that has experience in raising dogs and training as they are not recommended for first time owners. These dogs are stubborn and will be more difficult to train, so a firm hand and fun training exercises will be the key to helping these dogs grasp the information. Sessions should be kept short and be repeated often as this encourages them to want to learn!


The Kerry Blue Terrier will need to be exercised on a daily basis and time spent in an off-leash park or on a long walk will be perfect. These dogs will do well in an apartment as long as they are exercised enough and do not need a back yard but having access to one would be a bonus.

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