La Pom

The La Pom is descended from the Pomeranian and Lhasa Apso breeds. An old region between Germany and Poland gave rise to the Pomeranian, which has actually been determined as to be descended from Spitzes. However, its diminished size has contributed to its popularity as a toy dog. Its top coat can be long and coarse, with a softer undercoat, and knots and mats can be be a problem when shedding. Pomeranian are affectionate and can become very attached to their owners, which sometimes becomes a problem in case of separation. Due to the Pomeranian's small size, bone or joint problems due to weight are uncommon, although a skin disease which causes hair loss and skin hyper pigmentation or darkening has been often observed, especially in males of the breed. Recently bred Merle-patterned Pomeranian may suffer from auditory weaknesses associated with that breeding strain, but overall, they are a bluffly healthy breed.

The Lhasa Apso is descended from Tibetan mountain wolves, and was bred to be indoor sentinels of monks. It is an intelligent dog that bonds with owners, and can be very protective and barky with strangers around. It has a long and heavy coat, for protection in cold weather. It can at times be obstinate, and potty training can prove difficult of the owner is inconsistent and not firm enough.

The La Pom is generally considered ideal for households with limited space and children old enough to understand the breed's nature. While active and affectionate, the La Pom can be intolerant of very young children. Smart enough to learn tricks and active enough to appreciate and anticipate daily exercise, the La Pom can also be a good guard dog, as it alerts its owners to strangers in what it considers its territory. Care should consist of brushing once every week. There is shedding at least twice a year, but snarls and mats should be taken care of regularly. Noted health problems in the parent breeds are hearing disorders associated with the Merle gene, and a luxating patella in the Pomeranian.

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