The Labloodhound is a large, intelligent breed that is nevertheless loyal and gentle enough to be a good family dog. Descended from the Labrador and the Bloodhound, the labloodhound may show characteristics dominantly of just one breed, or an arbitrary mix of the two.

The Labrador is originally a Newfoundland breed of large dogs used for hunting and retrieving in and around bodies of water. Today, it is one of the most popular breeds, as well-known for its cheerfulness and lively companionship as for its prodigious appetite.

The Bloodhound, sometimes known as St. Hubert's hound or Sleth hound, is actually a scent hound that is renowned for its tracking abilities, so much so that it has become part of regular police searches for missing persons and fleeing criminals. The literature mentions interesting ways of how the breed came by its name, but it is more accurate to say that it has less to do with their scenting abilities than with the fact that their line has been very carefully bred and preserved, and has served as royal packs. Some singularities about the Bloodhound enable it to follow even a cold scent or pick up where a quarry has entered and left a body of water. The markedly larger nasal chambers house some 4 billion olfactory cells (compared to, say, a Labradors' 220 million, or a human's 10 million).

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