A powerfully built dog with a quiet, self-assured manner, the Rottweiler is often cited for its aggressiveness, aloofness and strong tendency to protect its home and owner. Descended from Roman legion dogs, probably mastiffs, bred with German herding dogs in the town of Rottweil, the Rottweiler was originally an all-around working dog, herding livestock and pulling farmer's carts to markets, while guarding their owners from thieves and robbers. The Labrottie, a cross between the Rottweiler and the more family-oriented Labrador Retriever, is a dependable, loyal and hardworking animal that is nevertheless protective of who it considers as family. It is not active indoor animal, but will benefit from daily activity of at least an hour. The Labrottie, with formal obedience training and constant socialization, is a stable-tempered guardian around people and children it knows.

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