Lakota Mastino

The Lakota Mastino is a large Molosser type dog originating in America. It is built for working dog sports with a muscular yet agile body. The history of this bandogge goes back to 400 years when the Spanish were exploring the world. Bull dogs or Mastiffs accompanied the Spanish expatriates. These "War dogs" were abandoned by the Spanish after being defeated in the war and they were left to roam freely. These dogs were adopted by native people and then by Lakota tribe, adopting them to all aspects of their lives. The dogs later came to known as Lakota Mastiff. It is believed that this breed is the result of 50% working bulldogs bloodlines and 50% of very large molosser type.

This dog has broad and strong skull with extra skin. Moderately long muzzle has a straight nose bridge that leads to a large black nose. Rather thin and small ears are set high on the head. Muscular neck blends into strong, thick and low body that is built for long distance running. It has straight back and high withers. The tail is thick at the root, set high and tapers to the point. This breed has short and hard coat that can come in any colour though black, blue and brindle are common and preferred colours with a dash of white.

This breed of dog is NOT recognized by AKC or any other major kennel club.

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