Lancashire Heeler

The Lancashire Heeler is a small herding and drover dog that originated in Lancashire, England. The term Heeler describes the purpose of this dog. It is a herding and drover dog that drives the cattle towards wherever its master wants by nipping at their heels without hurting the animal. Precise details of the origin of this breed is unknown though similar dogs are known to have present in 1600s. It is believed that this breed resulted from breeding of Welsh Corgi with Manchester Terrier. Some people also believe that this dog was developed by crossing Yorkshire, Drover's Cur, Norfolk Heeler and London Smithfield Collie. This dog has more than moderate level of hunting skills and is known to work as a ratter on farms. It is a rare dog breed with only 500 specimen available but the dog is gaining popularity around the world including USA.

It is a short legged dog with a relatively long body. The dog has a proportionate head, wide and flat skull and muzzle that tapers towards black or brown nose. Dark coloured, medium size, almond shaped eyes are set well apart. Ears are either erect or partially erect. Moderately long neck is well laid into the dog's shoulders. Back is firm and level with a short loin and well sprung ribs. Set on high tail is carried in slight curve when the dog is alert. The dog has dense double coat that comes in black and tan or liver and tan colouring.

This breed is NOT recognized by AKC however it is recognized by UKC, KC (UK) and AKC (FSS).

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