The Landseer is often mistaken as a colour variant of Newfoundland Dog but it has been recognised as a separate breed by FCI. It is a large dog that is named after a famous British painter, Sir Edwin Henry Landseer who created a painting (titled : A Distinguished member of Humane society) in 1838 which shows this dog saving a man from drowning. This breed originated in Germany and Switzerland.

The Landseer is a tall, powerful and well balanced dog with a sweet disposition. It stands between 26.5 to 31.5 inches and weighs around 110-165 lbs. A massive and wrinkle free head starts off this breed and leads to broad skull and short but strong muzzle. It has a black nose. Almond shaped, medium size eyes come in light or dark brown colour and hold friendly expression. Medium size, triangular shaped ears are set high on head and come with rounded tips. The dog has broad and muscular neck, straight and level back and muscular loin. Deep and broad chest has well sprung ribs. The belly is slightly tucked up. Moderately long tail is well covered with dense and bushy hair. It is carried down when dog is at rest and straight when the dog is in motion or excited. This breed has a long double coat all over the body with exception of head. It comes in predominant white colour with black patches all over the body.

This breed is NOT recognized by AKC however it is recognized by FCI as a separate breed.

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