The Lapinporokoira is also known as Laponian Herder, Lapp Reindeer dog or Lapsk Vallhund. It is a medium size herding and guarding dog that has been in use since centuries in Finland by Sami people. During those times, no fixed standards were present for these dogs. Most of this type of dogs were lost during WW II. Efforts went underway to recreate this breed and Lapinporokoira was developed from crossing of Nordic Hounds and Scottish Sheepdogs. Initially this breed was grouped with Finnish Lapphund but was separated into its own breed in 1966.

It is a medium size Spitz-type dog that stands between 18-20 inches and weighs 60-70 lbs. This dog comes with a typical Spitz-type head, slightly convex forehead and a short muzzle that tapers from eyes to the nose with a straight nasal bridge. Nose is generally black but can be harmonious with coat colours in other than black colour dogs. Oval shaped eyes that are set well apart, hold keen and lively expression. Broad based, erect ears are set well apart. Strong and medium length neck blends smoothly into shoulders. The Lapinporokoira has clearly longer than tall body that comes with deep and spacious chest, well sprung ribs, marked withers, short but strong loin and muscular and strong back. Profusely coated, medium length tail is set low. It hangs down when the dog is at rest and carried in a loose curl when the dog is in motion. This breed has double coat that is specially profuse on neck, chest and back of thighs. Colour is generally black or dark grey or brown, with a lighter shade on the head and lower parts of the body, often with white markings.

This breed is NOT recognized by AKC however it is recognized by FCI and UKC.

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