Lithuanian Hound

The Lithuanian Hound is a rare hunting dog originating in Lithuania. It is the newest of the Russian hound breeds. This dog is purposely developed for hunting large game like fox, hare and boar by crossing local hounds with Saint Hubert Bloodhounds, Beagles, Polish Hounds and later with Russian Hounds. The resulting Lithuanian Hound is noted for its exceptional hunting skills, tireless stamina and persistence in getting the job done.

This breed can be easily mistaken for the Black and Tan Coonhounds due to similarity in glossy black coat and tan markings. This medium size dog stands between 21-24 inches and weighs about 60-75 lbs. Large wedge-shaped head starts off this hardy and sturdy breed. It has broad forehead and medium length muzzle. Oval shaped and medium size eyes are brown to dark brown in colour with vibrant expressions.Black nose is wide and large. Medium length triangular shaped ears with rounded tips hang close to the cheek. The dog has a level topline, a long, deep and broad chest with well developed ribs. Front and hind legs are straight. Thighs are muscular. Strong round feet have compact toes with strong black nails. Well developed pads are black in color. Sword shaped tail is thick at the base. Tail is raised above the backline when the dog is excited and lowered to the level of the hocks when the dog is relaxed. The tail is densely covered with hair. Dense and glossy hair grows from 3 to 5 cm on the back and longer on the neck and tail. Hair that covers the ears and tail are shorter. A Lithuanian Hound is a black coated breed. Some specimens may have brown colored hair in the forehead, ears, snout and chest. A small white spot may also be found on the chest.

This breed is NOT recognized by AKC or any other major kennel club.

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