Llewellin Setter

The Llewellin Setter is a medium size gun dog that originated in England. Also known as Field Setter, this gun dog is used to hunt upland game birds. There is some confusion as to whether this breed is a pure breed or is it just a variant of English Setter. Some people consider this dog as a strain of English Setter while fanciers of this dog believe that it is a pure breed in itself. This dog is named after its developer, R. Purcell Llewellin, obtained some of the best English Setters from another English Setter breeder, Edward Laverack, and combined these dogs with his own dog lines which resulted in Llewellin's personal strain, "the Dashing Bondhu". This breed has superior field skills over English Setters when it comes to hunting skills on field.

This dog has long and lean head with a snippy muzzle. Dark brown eyes have intelligent and mild expression. Moderate length, low set ears are carried close to the head. Deep chest has well sprung ribs. Topline is level and strong. The dog has a straight tail, carried higher than back level. This breed is single-coated with soft, fine, silky and medium to long in length. Tail, back of the legs, chest and ears are covered with feathering. This breed comes in a wide variety of colours and combinations. Most common colouring include black and white, orange and white and tricoloured (white/black/tan and white/chestnut/tan).

Though this dog breeds true to type but it is NOT recognized as a separate dog breed by most kennel clubs including AKC.

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