The Lowchen originated in France and is a relative of the Bichon Frise. They are one of the most rare breeds still alive today, but are slowly becoming more popular. This little dog resembles a lion and actually has an alternate name being 'little lion dog'.

These dogs have a unique coat trim that is usually bare from the hind legs to the tail. Their front legs and chest are covered in long, fine fur and their face has hair cascading from the ears. The Lowchen has long floppy ears, a short muzzle and large circular eyes. They have a compact body and long fine boned legs with a long tail. These little dogs resemble their cousin breed the Bichon and also the Maltese.

The Lowchen is a friendly, outgoing, and clever little dog that loves attention from their owners. They make great family pets because they get along great with children and smaller animals. For the most part, this breed will interact well with other dogs but might be more aggressive towards other males. The Lowchen thrives on their owners affection and will become depressed if left alone to often.

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