Majestic Tree Hound

The Majestic Tree Hound is a large size scenthound that originated in United States of America. This is a relatively new breed and was developed from well established dog breeds of Medieval France. Saint Hubert Hound and Talbot Hound are the progenitors of this large and magnificent dog. The Majestic Tree Hound is a re-creation of large hunting breeds that were developed and utilized by early American Settlers. This large and powerful dog is taller than most hounds. It stands between 25-30 inches and weighs about 75-110 lbs. A long and narrow head starts off this breed and leads to moderately length muzzle. The deep sunk eyes are matching in color with coat. Typical of hounds, the dog has long hanging ears that are thin and soft. These set on low ears can be 23-24 inches long and fall in graceful folds with the ends curling inwards and backwards. Large nose has well opened nostrils. This dog has a large yet athletic body. Long neck blends smoothly into the muscular shoulders. Well let down chest has well sprung ribs. Deep loin is slightly arched. Forelegs are straight and well boned. This breed has a short but very thick and dense coat that can be found in any color.

The Majestic Tree Hound has dignified and noble expression while it also exhibits wisdom, solemnity and power. It is a magnificent breed that is becoming most sought after not only for its excellent hunting skills but also as a family companion. This breed is NOT recognized by AKC or any other major kennel club except NKC.

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