The Maltese originated in Malta which is one of seven islands located in the Mediterranean Sea. They were bred purely for human companionship and are great dogs for people that want a tiny pet that can be taken anywhere. They are energetic dogs that keep their happy-go-lucky personality throughout their life. This breed is extremely affectionate and love to be carried around which gives them the reputation for being spoiled!

The Maltese is a very small white dog with a long glossy coat. They usually have a trade mark bow tie holding the fur up away from their faces. Their ears are triangular and floppy but are usually covered in their long fur. The Maltese's compact body is lightweight, fragile, and will look like they are 'walking on clouds' which is to say they are dainty yet light on their feet. The Maltese's fur is around 8 inches long and completely covers their body from head to toe.

This breed is loyal, caring and smart although they have been known to be temperamental with young children. They are picky when it comes to their diet but should be kept on a strict food plan so they don't become spoiled and only eat treats or doggie junk food. They will be a great pet for families that have older children, partly due to the fact that they love attention from anybody willing to offer it, and also because they get along with other dogs and small pets very well.

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