Manchester Terrier

The Manchester Terrier originated in England and was bred to hunt small rodents and is best known as a ratter. Their breed was created by mixing the Whippet and the Black and Tan Terrier together with the outcome being a quick, agile hunting dog. The Manchester Terrier resembles a larger Miniature Pinscher as the colouring and coat texture are quite similar. During the late 1800's there were 2 versions of this dog being bred, the toy and the standard. English nobility often wanted small breeds and the Manchester Terrier was one that was created for companion purposes.

Today this breed is used primarily for companionship as they make excellent pets for people that want a bright and exuberant dog. The Manchester Terrier will be best in a home that has no other animals as they have a tendency to chase smaller family pets and to be snappy around other dogs. Older children would be better suited for this breed as they can become intolerant with younger children.

This breed has a very short, glossy coat that is smooth to the touch. They have 2 size varieties, the standard and toy, both have a long thin muzzle with pointed upward and erect ears. Their tail is skinny and long coming to a sharp point at the end. They have fine boned legs and small paws giving them a charming gait.

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