The Markiesje is a small dog originating in Holland. It is also known as Hollandse Tulphone and Dutch Tulip Hound. This small dog is an efficient gundog and retriever as well as being a great companion dog. This Spaniel-Poodle heritage breed has been present on the farmlands of Dutchland for hundreds of years but never considered of any use other than lap dog for woman and to keep the rodent level low in the house.

It is a small, elegant and alert dog that stands up to 16 inches and weighs around 13 pounds. It comes with a long and black shiny coat with or without small white markings. Ears are folded down. The topline of the Markiesje is very straight and flows from the shoulder to its tail. With a strong and straight back that is relatively short, its hindquarters are strong and of good length and width with well-developed muscles.

This breed was revived in 1999 and was recognized by Dutch club as official Dutch breed for companion dogs. The breed, though, is not recognized by AKC or any other major kennel club although efforts are underway.

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