Miniature Australian Bulldog

The Miniature Australian Bulldog is the smaller version of Australian Bulldog with same characteristics and appearance except in a smaller body. This breed is still in its development phase and the MAB is still rare. It is a loving, friendly and lively dog with a pleasant personality and outgoing nature.

This new breed is being developed by Mrs. Pip Nobes and Mrs. Lee-ann Milton with the aim to create a healthier and compact Australian Bulldog. During this creation, full size Australian Bulldog was crossed with Pug and Bouledogue Fran�ais. Boston Terriers and Staffordshire terriers were also considered as possible cross-mats of Australian Bulldog but that idea was dropped due to temperament issue of both breeds.

The MAB is a hardy and compact and solidly built dog that stands up to 14 inches or smaller. Weight is in proportion to the body and is usually in the range of 25-35 lbs. The dog has strong and square head with a wide muzzle that has one to three folds of skin across big nose. Eyes are set wide apart. It has an arched neck, deep and broad chest and level, strong back. The tail is either long or screw. The dog comes in a short and smooth coat with coloring of different shades like fawn, apricot, orange, red white, piebald, silver and other coloring.

Since this newish breed is still in its developing phase, it is NOT recognized by AKC or any other major kennel club.

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