Miniature Australian Shepherd

The Miniature Australian Shepherd are also known as North American Australian Shepherd, Mini Aussie, Toy Australian Shepherd and Miniature American Shepherd. These breed is well-balanced, athletic and alert. They are sensitive, a god guardian, confident, devoted to their families and can easily be trained. Mini Aussies make a fine companion and will also enjoy working small stock. They are used in search and rescue and as therapy dogs. They also have a playful side, and love to be around children.

Mini Aussies are an exact replica of their larger counterpart, the Australian Shepherd, except for size. Some people consider them to have three separate sizes: Standard, Miniature and Toy. Other consider the Toy and Miniature to be in same category. Regardless, they are all identical save for size. Mini Aussies have sturdy bodies with medium length covering the entire body. They are compact, quaint dogs with triangular drop ears. Their eyes can be of several different colors, including blue, brown amber, or any combination of the three. They are friendly, fun loving, hard working and makes an excellent companion.

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