Miniature Pinscher

The Miniature Pinscher or Min Pin originated in Germany and was bred to be a ratter and a hunter of vermin but also a companion to people. The name 'pinscher' is German and translates to 'terrier' so the actually English name of this breed is the Miniature Terrier. They resemble the Doberman Pinscher but are in fact not related to them at all! This breed was created by breeding the German Pinscher, Italian Greyhound and other German Terriers together. They were used in stables to keep the vermin population to a minimum.

The Miniature Pinscher is a dog that is not only a great companion but are intelligent and can master agility and basic obedience. These dogs are a tough, confident and fearless breed that is protective of their family and territory. Although they are tiny, the Min Pin will get along well with other dogs and smaller family pets as long as they don't annoy them.

This breed is a tiny, toned dog that has a glossy smooth coat. Their ears are naturally floppy but will need to be cropped for show purposes as well as their tail which is naturally long but can be docked per the owner's preferences. The Min Pin has fine boned legs that are straight but mildly muscular.

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