Miniature Schnauzer

The Miniature Schnauzer originated in Germany and was bred to be a ratter in barns but is more commonly used as a companion breed. They are a mixture of the miniature poodle and the Standard Schnauzer, giving them the small size of a poodle and identical appearance of a Schnauzer. These little dogs are very popular due to their infectiously animated personality.

The Mini Schnauzer has a small compact body with frail legs and a prancing gait. They have a long rectangular muzzle and large circular eyes that have a curious expression to them. This breed has naturally floppy ears and a long tail but for show purposes these will be cropped and docked. The fur on their face gives them the appearance of a beard and mustache! They are identical to the Standard Schnauzer both in colour and body shape, but on a much smaller scale.

These little dogs are bright, happy, loving creatures that want to be with their owners at all times. They make good family pets because they like children and have the patience for them. Other dogs pose a problem for this breed because for the most part, they do not get along but if socialized extensively as puppies, this can be prevented. The Mini Schnauzer is a protective breed that will take on people, dogs or other animals if they seem to threaten their family or home.

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