Moscow Toy Terrier

The Moscow Toy Terrier is also known as Russian Toy Terrier, Russkiy Toy, Moscovian Miniature Terrier, Russian Long haired Toy Terrier, Moscow Longhair Toy Terrier, and Russian Toy. They are companions to the Russian aristocracy, and their blue-blooded genes show through. These are noble little dogs who like to sit laps and eat liver. But they're also very playful and need plenty of entertainment and short walks. These breeds are an intelligent and affectionate companion dog. They are believed to be one of the smallest breeds in the world. It was a high valued decorative breed in Russia during early 20th century.

These breeds are also known for the names : Russikiy Toy, Russian Long haired Toy Terrier, Russian Toy Terrier, Moscovian Miniature Terrier, Moscow Toy Terrier and Moscow Longhair Toy Terrier. The Russian Toy dog breed was bred from English Toy Terrier and was relatively unknown outside Russia until 1990s.

This breed is NOT recognized by AKC however it is registered with Foundation Stock Services of AKC and recognized by UKC and FCI.

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