Mountain Cur

The Mountain Cur is the oldest pure breed dog of United States of America. Forebears of the Mountain Curs were the dogs brought by European settlers. This is a versatile breed that is used as a hunting (treeing dog), protection, watch and general farm dog as well as water dog. It belongs to Hound group of dogs.

"Cur" is a rather derogatory term that means "useless". A dog branded as cur is thought to be of low value. Despite the name, the Mountain Cur has played a very important role to the existence of the pioneers in the Southern Mountains with its exceptional hunting abilities and all round versatility. This dog can tree and trail squirrels, raccoons and other small game but their main hunting ground is wild boar and bear. This dog will assist in the hunt of bear and boar by baying.

This is a rugged, rustic and short-coated breed with slightly longer than tall body. A broad and square head with flat skull starts-off this breed and leads to moderately length and broad muzzle. Square nose comes with well opened nostrils. Large size and set well apart eyes have light to dark brown colour. High set, wide based and short to medium length ears are dropped. The moderate length, well muscled neck gradually widens from the nape and blends smoothly into the shoulders. Square body has broad, strong and moderate length back, slightly arched loin and well filled chest with well sprung ribs. Medium length, naturally bobbed tails is set low. This short-coated breed has double coat with outer coat being short and smooth or rough in texture and inner coat being short, dense and soft. The color of the medium short heavy coat varies from brindle, black and brindle, dark brown, black and yellow. White markings enhance the attractive appearance of this dog.

This breed is NOT recognized by AKC however it is recognized by UKC.

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