The Mucuchies (also known as Venezuelan Sheepdog or the Perro de los Peramos) is a Venezuelian breed of dog with European ancestry. Though this breed is around for thousands of years, its exact origination and progenitors are still doubtful. These herding dogs are believed to have evolved from Great Pyrenees, Spanish Mastiff and Algerian Mastiff as well as from Aidi and Pyrenean. It is a rustic looking dog that may not be as large as its progenitors but it is a powerful and very versatile working dog.

The dog comes with a long, wedge-shaped head and slightly rounded forehead with wrinkled brows. Triangular shaped, medium sized ears hang down close to the cheek. Round eyes are very expressive. The dog has a black nose. It has a short but very muscular neck. Its robust body has straight and broad back, deep chest with flat ribs and obliquely placed shoulders. The long tail that reaches the hocks, is carried hanging down when this dog is at rest and raised over the back when the dog is in action. Though this dog has a short coat, it appears long due to long feathering hair on the limbs. The heavy and thick hair can be straight or slightly wavy. Usually this dog comes in pure white and sometimes in white with with markings of varying shades of honey, grey or black.

This breed is NOT recognized by AKC or any other major kennel club.

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