The Mudi is a rare herding breed from Hungary. This breed is a very talented and versatile dog that not only adept in herding sheep and cattle but also excel in many other different tasks like search and rescue, agility trials, flyball and obedience. Beside, it is also an able watch and guard dog. It is an extremely intelligent and bright breed that can be compared with the Border Collies.

This breed is one of the three herding breeds of Hungary along with Puli and Pumi. Once all these three different breeds were classified under one breed but they were separated in 1930s into their own respective breeds. This dog is known to have been present since 1800s and is believed to be the result of need and performance selection and not by human intervention. Though uncertainty prevails over its progenitors, the breed is believed to have originated from crosses of Puli with Spitz type dogs or crossing of Spitz type dogs with other herding breeds of 17th and 18th century.

It is a medium size dog with height and weight between 15-19 inches and 18-33 lbs respectively. This dog comes with a wedge-shaped head, slightly doomed skull and medium length strong muzzle with straight nasal bridge. The black or self-coloured rounded and narrow nose has moderately well opened nostrils. Oval shaped and dark brown eyes are obliquely set. Long, V-shaped mobile ears are well covered with ears. Medium length neck is well muscled. The medium size square body has short and straight back and deep chest. Low set tail hangs down when dog is at rest and carried in a sickly shaped when it is moving. The Mudi is the shortest-coated of all Hungarian sheepdogs with dense, shiny and very wavy or curled coat all over the body except for face and front of the legs where the hair is short, straight and smooth. Colors range from brown, gray, black, white, red, fallow, and bread-pale.

This breed, though NOT recognized by AKC for fewer number of dogs available, is on the Foundation Stock Service list, applying for recognition. This breed is recognized by other major kennel clubs like CKC, NKC, FCI, ACR, and APRI.

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