The Munsterlander is a German breed of gundog. There are two separate breeds by this name; the Large Munsterlander and the small Munsterlander. Both breeds are known for their exceptional hunting, pointing and retrieving skills.

The large Munsterlander is the descendent of parti-coloured bird and hawking dogs used in Middle ages. A large dog with height between 24-26 inches and weight about 66 lbs, it is athletic, intelligent, noble and elegant in appearance with a muscular yet lean body that comes in black and white medium length hair.

The Small Munsterlander descended from Long coated German Spaniels. It is a medium size dog with height and weight of 20-22 inches and 35 lbs respectively. The dog comes with a lean yet powerful, elegant and balanced body. The medium length, glossy coat comes in solid or ticked white colour with large patches of brown.

Both small and large Munsterlander breeds are NOT recognized by AKC. However they are recognized by other major kennel clubs like FCI, UKC, CKC, KC(UK) as gun dog breeds.

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