Nebolish Mastiff

The Nebolish Mastiff is a relatively new dog breed that originated in North America and Canada. It is a large giant size dog with an even temperament. It was developed in an attempt to create a more agile mastiff with none of the typical health problems that mastiff dogs tend to suffer from. Uncertainty prevails over the breeds that were used in the development of this gentle giant but some sources claim that this dog was developed by crossing of Neapolitan Mastiff and English Mastiff breeds though it has not been proven scientifically or otherwise yet. Another theory states that its progenitors include Great Danes, other mastiffs and the Boxer.

The Nebolish Mastiff is the most agile and the rarest of the mastiff breeds. Unlike most other mastiffs, it can easily outpace predators such as wolves. This large dog stands between 27-36 inches in height and weighs anywhere between 95 to 200 lbs. It has a strong muscular body with large bones and broad chest giving the dog a top heavy look. It has a broad head with natural ears and short snout. Short to medium length coats are common for this breed but it is rarely seen in long coats as well. This dog comes in fawn and brindle coloring, with or without black mask. Long tail is docked.

This breed is NOT recognized by AKC or any other major kennel club.

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