Nenets Herding Laika

The Nenets Herding Laika is also known as Reindeer Herding Laika. It is an ancient dog breed that was developed by Nentsy tribe perhaps during the same time that Samoyed nomads were creating and developing the Samoyed. These dogs were used as herding and flock guarding dogs but they are multipurpose dogs that can perform a number of tasks other than herding and protection dog.

This medium size dog looks similar to a wolf in appearance. These dogs have a height of 18 inches or more, and they weigh between 40 and 55 pounds. These dogs have a medium-sized, muscular body. Their head is powerful and wedge-shaped, and they have a medium-sized muzzle that is well-proportioned to their head. They have a black nose, and teeth that meet in either a level or scissors bite. These dogs have an erect neck with a strong mane. The chest of these dogs is deep and oval, and they have a curled tail that is carried over their back. Nenets Herding Laikas have powerful legs that lead to well-arched, strong feet that are covered with hair. These dogs have a thick undercoat and a stand-off, long outer coat. The acceptable coat colours for this breed include gray, black, white, and tan. They may be solid-coloured, or have a piebald pattern with markings that are white in colour.

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