Norfolk Terrier

The Norfolk Terrier originated in Great Britain and was bred to hunt down rodents as well as to scare foxes out of their dens so the bigger hounds could chase after them. These dogs are often confused with the Norwich Terrier because they look similar and are very close in name but are actually 2 different breeds.

The Norfolk Terrier is a compact little dog that is a determined hunter. They are a playful, confident, loving breed that will make a good family pet. The Norfolk Terrier adores children and will get along well with other dogs and cats. Smaller pets such as mice, hamsters, rats and guinea pigs etc. should be monitored around this breed as they might consider these prey!

This breed has an athletic body that can squeeze into tiny hideouts and dens. They have strong legs and a short little muzzle. The Norfolk Terrier has small floppy ears and large curious eyes. Naturally their tail is long but will be docked for show purposes.

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