Norwich Terrier

The Norwich Terrier originated in England and were bred to hunt down rodents. This breed in the past was considered the same breed as the Norfolk Terrier but in the mid 1960's were classified as 2 different breeds. Although they look alike the Norwich Terrier is more affectionate and people oriented where as the Norfolk was a bit more dog oriented.

These little dogs are a compact working breed with muscular jaws used for catching their sly prey. The Norwich Terrier has a short, rough textured coat and a naturally long tail that is docked for show purposes. Their ears are triangular yet pricked upwards and they have a slender, powerful muzzle.

Although this breed was bred to hunt rodents, they love human attention and can be extremely affectionate dogs! They make friends anywhere they go and are generally very friendly with children and other dogs! They will make fantastic family pets as long as there are no small animals such as hamsters, mice, guinea pigs etc in the household.

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