Ol Southern Catch Dog

The Ol' Southern Catchdog is a true multipurpose pure function dog. Originating in United States of America, the dog is primarily developed for Hog Catching but it also makes a very good family pet. It is a medium size dog that is powerful and athletic. It weighs around 50-90 lbs and stands between 18-25 inches.

This medium to large athletic dog comes with square and broad head that is in proportion to the body and short to medium and wide muzzle. Almond shaped or round eyes may come in any colour. High set ears are flopped. Nose can be of any colour with wide open nostrils for free breathing. Well muscled and thick neck blends smoothly into very muscular forelimbs. Deep and wide chest has well sprung ribs for heavy intake of air. Strong back is slightly arched. High set tail is naturally docked or hang down the hocks. The short, close, glossy and stiff coat can come in any colour.

This breed is NOT recognized by AKC or any major kennel club.

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