Old Anglican Bulldogge

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Breed group:     Type: Hybrid    Talent: , ,


Size: Medium     Weight: 50-75 pounds     Fur length: Short    Ears: Flappy    Fur type: Straight    Fur Color: Black, Black & Brown, Brown & White, Dark Brown / Chocolate, Light Brown / Golden, Merle / Spotted / Brindle / Speckled, White / Cream


Life Expectancy: 8-12 years    Rarity: Uncommon    Availability: Hard to find    Climate: Not good for cold climate.

Breed Details


The Old Anglican Bulldogge is a cross between a Bulldog and an American Pitbull Terrier purebreds. They are called hybrid dogs due to their origination from two different pure breeds.

These dogs are medium in size with an average height of 18 to 22 inches and weight in between 50 to 70 pounds or more. These dogs are friendly, social and docile in nature. They are playful and moderate to high energy dogs that would need exercise accordingly. They are alert and attentive but very social. They are very attached to their family and home.


These hybrids are found in different parent breed colours like red, fawn, white from Bulldog side and any colour except for merle from Pitbull side. This makes these dogs appearing in a variety of colours.


They have short coat that is sleek, glossy and smooth. This type of coat requires average grooming and average brushing. Bath is necessary when needed.


The Old Anglican Bulldogges are very loyal and devoted to their family. These dogs are gentle and docile. They are good with children and other dogs and pets in the family however, early socialization is a must. They are eager to please and love to get attention. These dogs can be moderate or high energy dogs, depending what percentage of lively and high energy APBT is in them. They will require exercise accordingly. These dogs are very family loving and good family pets that are well suited for apartment life style.


These hybrids may have a desire to be very active like a APBT but can have a compromised breathing system of a Bulldog. Care should be taken when exercising these dogs and they should never be exercised very hard if they show any signs of tiredness and fatigue.


They are tractable but sometimes stubborn dogs that will need a firm trainer to train them with firm but gentle training routines.


They can be very active dogs like an American Pitbull Terrier or they can be relatively laid back dogs like a Bulldog. Their exercise needs depend on how active they are. Either way, these dogs will need atlease a daily walk to satisfy their primal instinct to walk.

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