Original English Bulldogge

The Original English Bulldogge is a medium size bulldog breed that is a direct descendent of original bull baiting dogs. The Wilkinson family in Scotland had kept this breed for generations and they brought the Original English Bulldogge to Canada in 1946. The breed's appearance is secondary in importance to character, loyalty, health and lifespan. This dog enjoys being an important part of the family.

The Original English Bulldogge is a medium size strong and powerful dog that stands between 16-18 inches and weighs 50-70 lbs. The dog comes with a typical bulldog broad and large, flat head. Ears are rose shaped. Medium length, heavily muscled neck widens towards shoulders. Heavily muscled body has wide chest and strong brisket. The tail is docked.

The dog has typical short and smooth coat of bulldogs. It can be white / white with patches of brindle, black, salmon or fawn / tri colour black, white and tan or brindle.

This breed is NOT recognized by AKC or any other major kennel club.

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