The Otterhound is a purely bred dog that is the largest scent hound. It is an old British dog breed with Bloodhound ancestors. One of their ancestors is the Airedale Terrier. They are sometimes known as Woolies by hunting people because of their double coat. They are used today for showing, tracking and as family dog. They are considered one of the rarest and most vulnerable breeds.

They are generally friendly, playful and animated. They enjoy activities involving their family and are very affectionate to them as well. They get along well with humans and animals but care should be applied when they are left with children and elderly as they can sometimes play roughly.

This dog's coat is waterproof and their feet are webbed making them great swimmers. They were originally bred for hunting with people. Several health issues should be watched out for this dog that a regular visit to the vet would be most beneficial.

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