Otto Bulldog

The Otto Bulldog is considered a designer breed by some dog lovers but it is actually an attempt to re-create White English Bulldog and return it to the way it originally looked. It stands between 21-22 inches and weighs about 65-80 lbs. The Otto Bulldog breed of dog is a medium sized breed of dog that should be muscular and well-balanced. They are usually slightly longer than they are tall with a deep, wide chest and slightly narrow hips, although they should not be top heavy. The head should be flat and broad and the muzzle should be short and square. It should not be as short as an English Bulldog but it shouldn't be too long. The ears are usually medium in length and fold to the side of the head but they can also be erect. The tail is usually medium in length and tapers to a point.

The coat of the Otto Bulldog should be short and close to the skin. It should cover the dog completely and have a shiny appearance. The texture is usually medium in roughness. They can be found in a number of colors including white, brown, black, red and brindle or a combination of white with any of the colors mentioned.

While the breed is often confused with the Alaphala Blue Blood Bulldog line, they are actually two separate breeds.

This breed is NOT recognized by AKC or any other major kennel club.

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