Pakistani Bull Terrier (Pakistani Gull Terr)

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Breed Attributes


Breed group: Working    Type: Pure Breed    Talent: , ,


Size: Large     Weight: 85-100 lbs     Fur length: Short    Ears: Pointy    Fur type: Straight    Fur Color: White / Cream


Life Expectancy: 10-12 years    Rarity: Uncommon    Availability: Hard to find    Climate: Good for every climate.

Breed Details


The Pakistani Bull Terrier (Pakistani Gull Terr) is a medium to large size dog that is mainly used as guard and protection dog, bear hunter and as fighting dog. This dog is the result of cross between the pure English Bull Terriers, which were brought to this region by British, and local breeds. It is a hard working and tenacious dog that makes excellent guard dog.

Though it sometimes mistaken for Indian Bull Terrier, this dog is taller and more wide-chested than its Indian counterpart. It is classified into three different types, based on size and use. An average Gull Terr stands between 18-26 inches and weighs between 85 to 100 lbs. It can have erect, semi erect or dropped ears. The dog has short coat that comes in dominantly white colour although coloured dogs do exist but they are very rare.

This breed is gaining world wide popularity but it is still not a well known breed. It is NOT recognized by AKC or any other major kennel club.


The Pakistani Bull Terrier (Pakistani Gull Terr) mostly comes in white colour. Coloured dogs do exist but they are very rare.


This breed sports a short and smooth coat.


The Pakistani Bull Terrier (Pakistani Gull Terr) is known for its fierce protecting instincts, courageous and alert nature and bravery. Though not as aggressive as some other Pakistani dog breeds, this dog still needs a very experienced dog handler. This breed is an extremely loyal dog with highly developed protective instincts. It will defend its family and master regardless of the potential threat. The dog is used in bear hunting due to its fearless and unintimidated nature. The Gull Terr is a powerful working breed with brilliant fighting abilities and guarding instincts. The dog has all the capabilities to be a great family pet as well. It is loving and affectionate with its family and inherently wary of strangers. The dog gets along well with children in the family but should be supervised around those it does not know. It makes a very good watch dog and will signal alarm if it senses anything unusual. The dog loves to be around its family and specially its master. This breed is easier to train than some of the other dogs but does need an alpha packleader. With proper training and socialization from a very young age, the Pakistani Bull Terrier (Pakistani Gull Terr) can become easier to handle and a loving and loyal family guard and companion.


Grooming needs are low for this short-coated breed. Brushing the coat once a week will be sufficient to keep the coat clean and in top condition.


Though easier to train than some of the other breeds, the Pakistani Bull Terrier (Pakistani Gull Terr) will need a firm and dominant as well as experienced trainer who can establish himself as this dog's true packleader. Training should aim towards making this dog easier to handle.


This is a highly energetic breed that loves to do strenuous works. The dog would be happiest when given some task to do. For its high exercise needs and aggressive temperament, this dog is best suited in rural areas where it has large open and secure space to run and play.

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