Pakistani Shepherd Dog (Bhagyari Kutta)

The Pakistani Shepherd Dog, also called Bhagyari Kutta, comes in three varieties; Short haired; long haired; and Bhayari Alsation. These dogs are very strong and powerful with a strong and athletic body. The eyes are almond shaped and the forehead is round. Nose is black while feet have very hard soles. The ears are erect. The coat is mostly black and tan.

The Bhagyari Kutta originates in Pakistan and has been used for herding and protection for centuries. The word "Bhagyari" means "wolf" and "Kutta" means dog so Bhagyari Kutta means wolf dog or wolf like dog. This dog is mostly found in Sind and Punjab regions of Pakistan. Among many different theories regarding origination of this dog, the most popular theory is that the Bhagyari Kutta originated from crossing between a wolf and a domestic dog of some kind. The theory is supported with the fact that Pakistani Bhagyari Kutta resembles very much with Pakistani Wolf.

This dog is NOT recognized by AKC.

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