The Papillon originated in Europe, its exact whereabouts is unknown although Spain, Belgium and Italy have the most historical facts of this dog dating back 700 years! They were bred to be a companion dog and basically entertain their masters. These little dogs were popular back when Marie Antoinette owned them and they still keep their charm to this very day. They are a charming little dog that will excel in agility, obedience, and tricks.

The Papillon is most commonly known for their large 'butterfly ears'. They have long wispy fur that is silky and smooth to the touch. The have a slender face, rectangular muzzle and large bright eyes. This breeds body is athletic, their legs delicate and their tail is in a loose curl which touches their back.

This breed is a true companion dog, they love human attention, they're affectionate and they're animated. These little dogs can put on an entertaining show just being themselves. The Papillon is a smart dog which will make it easy to train them because they have the intelligence and the motivation to please their owners. This breed can be protective of their family and will make great watch dogs as their bark is very piercing!

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