Parson Russell Terrier

The Parson Russell Terrier originated in England and was bred to hunt game and most commonly foxes. Originally these dogs were called the Jack Russell Terrier but due to a legal dispute of the name itself, were renamed Parson Russell Terrier. The Jack Russell Terrier and the Parson Russell Terrier are now known as 2 completely different breeds. It is said that this dog was named after its owner and original breeder, John Russell who was a pastor!

The Parson Russell Terrier is an alert, responsive and hard working dog making them excellent hunters as well as great family pets. They have an energetic and loyal disposition that appeals to many owners. These dogs are courageous, hearty, and have a stubborn streak that they will test their master with. The Parson loves affection and will make a good pet if they are raised with children. On the whole these dogs will be okay with other dogs but must be monitored around smaller family pets such as cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, etc. They have a very high prey drive and might chase down these thinking that they are fair game.

This breed is a compact muscular dog that is short yet solid. Most commonly their colouring is more than half white and the remainder being tan, black and red with patches on their tail or head. They have short legs and a slightly longer body compared to their height. Parson Russell Terriers have small triangular shaped ears and their tail is naturally long but will be docked for show purposes. The fur will be either a Short, Wire or Broken variety.

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