The Pekingese originated in China and were bred to be companions as they used to be highly respected in Chinese culture. Bred in Beijing, this little dog was known for its incredible sentimentality to the Chinese. They were thought of as dogs that would rid the world of evil spirits and were considered almighty to the Chinese, so much so that when royalty died, their dogs were killed in a sacrificial ceremony in hopes to protect their master in the next life.

This breed has a pushed in face like that of a pugs, small floppy ears and a body longer than they are tall. Their tail is a loose curl that touches their back and their legs are short but sturdy. The coat is long and thick making the Pekingese resembles a tiny lion, which is prominent in large amounts of Chinese artwork done on these dogs.

This breed is known well for their courage and strong bond with their master. They are stubborn and can be aggressive towards other dogs but have a bold independent attitude that gives them their notoriously popular personality.

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