Perdiguero de Burgos

The Perdiguero de Burgos is also known as Burgos Pointer, Spanish Pointer or Burgalese Pointer. It is an ancient dog breed that originated from Castile in the province of Burgos, Spain. This ancient breed, that has been used in the creation of a number of other breeds, is in existance since 1500s. A descendent of Old Spanish Pointer (Perdiguero Navarro) and Spanish Scenthound (Sabueso Espanol), this large dog was used as deer hunter in the past but today it is used to hunt small game like hare, quail and partridge.

Though smaller than the original Perdiguero de Burgos, about two third of the original Spanish Pointer, today's Spanish Pointer has gained much needed agility and speed which has helped the dog to be an excellent bird hunter. With ever so improved scenting ability, this dog can even qualify as a scenthound. It is an excellent swimmer as well. This outstanding breed works equally well on land and water. The dog stands between 20-25 inches and weighs about 50-70 lbs. It is characterized by its long pendulous ears and two folded sheets in the form of double chin. The head is large and powerful, skull is broad, convex and round and muzzle is broad and slightly convex towards dark brown, large and wide nose. Sad eyes of hazel colour are medium size and almond shaped. Long pendulous ears are triangular in shape, set at eye level and hang close to the head. A well defined dewlap is present on strong and powerful neck. Square body of this dog conveys clear impression of robustness with a level topline, well defined withers and muscled back. Chest is deep and wide with well rounded ribs. Tail is normally docked to one third of its original length. Its smooth, short, dense and evenly distributed coat comes in white and liver colours which combine to form a marbled or speckled coat.

This breed is NOT recognized by AKC however it is recognized by UKC.

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