Petit Brabancon

The Petit Brabancon is a small companion dog that originated in Belgium. There are three types of these dogs namely the Griffon Bruxellois, the Griffon Belge and the Petit Braban�on. All three types are identical in breed standards and the difference is only in colour and coat type. In some countries, these three types are considered ONE breed known as either Belgian or Brussels while in other places, each type is classified separately.

The Petit Brabancons are smart, intelligent and alert dogs. Affectionate, charming and curious personality of this little dog makes it a good companion. Very active indoors, the dog is very suitable for apartment life.

The face of the Petit Brabancon has almost human expression. The large head is round with a doomed forehead. Large, black and prominent eyes are set well apart while ears are small and set very high on head. The nose is black and very short. Neck is medium length and gracefully arched. Back is short and level. Body is short and thickset. The tail is set high and docked to about one third. Forelegs are medium in length, straight and are well-muscles while hindlegs are strong, stifles bent. The dog sports two types of coats; the wiry, rough and dense coat with no traces of silky hair and the smooth coat that is straight, short, tight and glossy with no traces of wiry hair. The breed has height and weight between 7-8 inches and 6-12 pounds respectively.

AKC recognize this breed as ONE breed under the name 'Brussels Griffon'.

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