Picardy Spaniel

The Picardy Spaniel is a hunting gundog that originated in the valley of Somme in Picardy region of France. This dog is believed to have originated from ancient French Spaniel, known as Oysel dog. Related to Blue Picardy Spaniel, having many similarities but the Picardy Spaniel is the older of the two breeds. Also, apart from softer nature of Blue Picardy Spaniel, the other obvious difference is in coat colour which is blue for Blue Picardy Spaniel and brown for Picardy Spaniel. Also noticeable is the fact that Picardy Spaniel was crossed with British Setters to create Blue Picardi Spaniel. This breed is also one of the two oldest continental dog breeds. It was highly valued by French nobility for its hunting skills and even temperament.

It is a medium size robust and energetic dog that is known for exceptional hunting prowess over different types of terrain and under harsh weather conditions. Though the dog can hunt all sorts of furred and feathered game, its specialty is duck, waterfowls and hares. This elegant breed stands between 22-24 inches and weighs about 45-55 lbs. Its squarely built body comes with a well rounded skull and long, wide muzzle that tapers with an arched nose bridge to medium size brown nose. Friendly and frank well opened amber eyes indicate friendly nature of this dog. Long hair, that are set low and hang down the head, are covered with silky and wavy hair. Neck is muscular and well set into shoulders. Square body comes with deep and wide chest, slightly arched topline, strong and straight loin and slightly tucked up, deep and flat flanks. Its dense and fine coat is slightly wavy on the body and comes in brown roan color with brown patches on different parts of the body.

Though NOT recognized by AKC, this breed is recognized by UKC, ARBA, CKC and FCI.

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