The Pitweiler breed is a mixed breed from half American Pit Bull Terrier and half Rottweiler breeds. Also called Rottweiler Pit Bull mix, Bullrott, Prott, RottPit and many more. The breed is developed to be a great family companion.

Pitweilers are emotional, loving and affectionate dogs. They can be a powerful dog and will have a great temperament as long as they were socialized properly while they were young. This breed has the strong tendency to be highly active and dominating. If provided with enough exercise and activities along with a human with strong leadership skills, they should be happy and well-balanced dogs.

The breed can also be great with kids. However, you will not want to leave them unsupervised with an infant or smaller child. They make wonderful watchdogs as they would die fighting for their masters. They also have the uncanny skill to know if danger is ahead.

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